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Directors oversee the Foundation and set priorities, objectives, and budget for the Foundation Board. Terms are two year with no term limits.  They have full voting rights of the Foundation and if needed can call for a Directors only vote. All votes are decided by majority.  Director Positions, except for those noted below, are elected positions voted by the Foundation Board.
  • President
    • Serves as voice for the Foundation

    • Oversees Directors and Officers of the Board 

    • Represents Board Objectives to Parents

    • Facilitates Monthly Foundation Meetings

    • Serves as Foundation Liaison on PTO Board and represent the voice of the Foundation at PTO Meetings. 

    • Oversees Budget

    • Serves as Liaison between school administration, parents, and board members in discussions regarding fundraising priorities and budgets. 

  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director Of Innovation 
  • Principal 
  • PTO Liaison (Appointed by PTO President)
  • Teacher Representative (Appointed by teachers)
Officers are critical positions in fulfilling the Foundation Mission. They run a specific fundraiser or fulfill a specific task for the Foundation. All officers are included in Foundation votes unless Directors require a Directors only vote. All votes are decided by majority.  Officers are appointed annually by the President.
  • Auditor
  • Advertising
  • Coyote Gear
  • Events
  • Gift Cards
  • Grants​​
    • The Grants Officer looks for funding sources and applies for grants outside of our Canyon View community to enhance our school programs and activities and give our kids access to additional resources to broaden their school experience and engage their creativity.  This position can be done at home during your available time.
  • Jog-A-Thon
  • K-Representative
  • Life Lessons
  • Marketing
  • Science Centers
    • ​This position involves making sure the supplies in the Mystery Science crates are replenished and updated each year.  This position requires occasional visits to school to check or refill supplies and make copies.
  • Silent Auction
    • Chair annual Silent Auction.  Oversees the solicitation of auction items, manages the planning and coordination of the Silent Auction event, and manages completion of all aspects of the auction. 
  • Silent Auction Baskets
    • Works with Silent Auction Officer.  Focus is on the donated class baskets for the Silent Auction.  Communicates with Room Parents about information on class baskets (due date, sign up list for theme, description of baskets, help needed with putting items together in basket), makes sure all baskets are collected, and coordinates with Silent Auction Officer for set up at Silent Auction event.
  • Social Media
  • Special Education Representative
  • Sponsorship
    • ​This position involves contacting businesses to see if they would like to be a sponsor for Canyon View.  This can be done through sending emails, direct mailing or in person.  This position can be done at home and on your own available time.
  • STEAM Festival
  • Tech Team
  • Volunteers
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