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At Canyon View Elementary our kids are fortunate to be able to have: Science, Art, Music, IMPACT and PE Programs. These programs used to be funded through the school district, but with shrinking budgets they are now funded by generous parents like you through the CV Foundation


The Art Program, taught by Carin Pratt, provides the students with an opportunity to learn about various artists, from famous masters to modern and current artists, who are making new roads in the art world.  The students learn about some of the basics, like tracing, drawing, and collaging, but they also move onto more advanced concepts based on line, shape, and composition.  We explore color, using various techniques including paint, markers, and pencils.  The students love getting to create a piece of art with clay.  They go through the full process of creating from the moldable clay, to glazing their own fired ceramic piece, and seeing the effects of the firing process on the raw clay, and the glaze.


Angie Serrano has been teaching music and theatre classes at various schools in PUSD since 2003.  Through choir programs, after-school theatre workshops, and music curriculum in the schools, she loves sharing music and performance skills with elementary and middle school aged children.  Angie has been involved with our own Canyon View students over the last several years with grade level programs, as well as, an after school choir program for grades 2-5.  She looks forward to working with CV students every school year!


Thanks to continued parent support of the CV Foundation we are able to provide our Canyon View students with dedicated Physical Education Instruction.

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