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The Canyon View Foundation is excited to introduce our first ever physical distant Move-A-Thon!  The Move-A-Thon is in place of our annual Jog-A-Thon since we had to change things up due to the pandemic.  And, this is not just any old move-a-thon, this is the CANYON VIEW 2021 MOVE-A-THON ULTIMATE BINGO!!!

The MOVE-A-THON ULTIMATE BINGO is a student-driven fundraiser, much like the Jog-A-Thon.  It is a fun way to get our children off of their devices and get them moving, while raising money for our school!  The CV Foundation is hoping to bring back all of our amazing special programs (Art, Music, P.E., Science, and IMPACT for the next school year, as well as, continue to support other classroom and school needs not met by the current district budget.  Without your support and the donatins received we would not be able to provide these wonderful enhancements to our Canyon View students' education.

Click on button below for the MOVE-A-THON Packet.

MOVE-A-THON Packet contains Intro Letter, BINGO Card, Instructions, & Pledge Card.


Each student will receive or can print off a MOVE-A-THON ULTIMATE BINGO Card.  The button to print off the MOVE-A-THON Packet is on the upper right side of this page. The BINGO Card is in the Move-A-Thon Packet. The BINGO Card has 25 boxes and each box is 10 minutes of moving activity.Some boxes have categories for the type of activity to perform and some boxes have "Free Choice" where the student can choose any physical activity they want.  Once the 10 minutes of physical activity for a box is completed, the student gets to put an "X" through that box.  Once the student has completed all 25 boxes they've earned ULTIMATE BINGO!!!


CIRCUIT TRAINING:  See Packet for Exercises


Join the Virtual Dance Party on Friday, March 26th from 6-7pm and fill the middle box of your BINGO Card, and maybe also a couple of Free Choice boxes depending on how long you keep moving!  If you are unable to make the Dance Party, dance when you can to mark off the center box

*For more information on the Mad Hatter Virtual Dance Party and how to R.S.V.P. click 

Free BeachBody Kids Workouts
Kids Playing Silhouette Image.png



March 11


March 11-19

Students Find Sponsors

March 20-28

MOVE-A-THON ULTIMATE BINGO  Students Get Moving!!!

March 22

Spirit Day- Pajama Day

March 26

Spirit Day - Neon Day

March 29 - April 2

Collection Week

March 30

Double Tickets for Opportunity Drawing

*See MOVE-A-THON Packet for details*


  • Turn in your ULTIMATE BINGO Card by April 2nd and receive a Participation Prize.

  • Turn in your donations by April 2nd and receive an entry into the Opportunity Drawing for fun prizes.  Receive an extra entry if you bring donations in by March 30th.

Move-A-Thon Collection Week

March 29, 2021 - April 2, 2021

Students hand in their MOVE-A-THON BINGO Card, Pledge Card, and any cash/check donations. 

  • On-Campus Students: Bring to school and hand in to your teacher.


  • VLA/Homeschooled Students 

(3 Options): 

    1. Contactless Drop-off on Friday, April 2 from 5-6 pm

    2. Drop off at front office during school hours of Collection Week

    3. If you DO NOT have any cash/check donations to hand in, you can take a picture of your BINGO Card and Pledge Card and email the picture to 

      • If you have any cash/check donations, those must be handed in at the Drop-Off or the school office.

We would love to see your pictures from MOVE-A-THON

If you have pictures from the MOVE-A-THON Spirit Days and/or performing your activities to fill your BINGO boxes, you can submit them to:

  1. Facebook Page: &

  2. Instagram: cvesfoundation

If you have any questions, please contact

The Canyon View Foundation thanks you for all your support in making CVES an even better place to learn & grow.

Participation in the Move-A-Thon ULTIMATE BINGO fundraiser and/or making a donation is voluntary and not required.

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