Mad Hatter Virtual Dance Information
1. Zoom link: You will receive the Mad Hatter Virtual Dance Zoom link the day before the event. While you don’t have the link yet, you should ensure your device and/or Wi-Fi is running optimally in advance of the event. In addition, parts of the dance will be photographed/recorded so the PTO can share images with dance participants, CVES, and the yearbook. The PTO will rely on the media permission slips provided at the beginning of the year, but please let us know if you do NOT want your child’s zoom square featured in any photos. 
2. Song requests: Click here to request a song
You will be limited to 3 song requests per person, and while the DJ will include as many as he can, there is no guarantee your song will be played. Please also review the list of other requested songs before you submit your request to avoid double entries.
3. Wear a hat!:  Any hat will do! Show off your spirit! Hats are not required to participate. All are welcome!
4. Glowing objects/bracelets:  Order your bracelets here 
Bracelets are $3 each, or 2 for $5.  These bracelets pulse to the beat of the music! There are a variety of colors, and they will be randomly chosen so you will be unable to choose your color. You will receive a follow up email the week of the dance notifying you of bracelet distribution information; it will be a convenient pick up from CVES and/or possible porch pickup.   If you have any other glowing item you have or want to use, feel free, and there will be a time where the DJ will ask you to dim your lights to show off your glow items.
5. Move-a-thon Ultimate Bingo: Dancing earns the middle square on Ultimate Bingo!!! The longer you dance, you may also mark off corresponding free choice squares on the bingo card.
6. Zoom tips: The following are tips for the best zoom experience
  • The bigger the screen, the better the view of the dance! Computers will have more visibility for your student than a mobile device. If you can connect to a TV, even better.
  • A wired connection will have less possible interruptions than a connection over Wi-Fi.
  • If you use Wi-Fi, try and limit the number of other devices connected to your Wi-Fi during the dance (other phones, tablets, tvs, etc.).  The more devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the more unstable the connection.
  • PLEASE DO NOT USE VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS. Because of the dance format and the high amount of movement, everyone will see each other and hats better without a virtual background. 
  • Advanced tip: Check the speed of your device connectivity to your Wi-Fi network and improve it if at all possible.  If you aren’t sure how to do this, do an internet search for “test Wi-Fi speed to devices on network” and select the best option for your type of router and/or device.